Choosing the Right Fit

Choosing the Right Fit

Selecting the perfect gown for your wedding may be one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make. This event will only happen once in your life (hopefully!) so you would want to exert every effort to make your special day more memorable.
Your body type is a huge factor when choosing your gown. Keep in mind that before you buy a wedding dress, you have already considered the following:

1. If you are busty and you do not want to attract much attention to your chest, try searching for a dress that has a scooped neckline. Strapless dresses will look good on you as long as you refrain from selecting those with straight necklines as this style will just emphasize your cleavage.

2. If you think you are apple-shaped, find a bodice that resembles a corset with a rich texture and detail. Look for a deep neckline that creates a V-like effect to create a more flattering figure. As for the skirt, you may want to stay away from trumpet styles as this will just highlight the widest parts of your body.

3. If your body is pear-shaped, your waist will be your best asset. Flaunt it by choosing a skirt that forms a letter “A,” thus camouflaging your hips and thighs. For a slimmer upper body, select a V-neck or a bodice with spaghetti straps.

4. Being a plus-size woman is not a reason not to look good on your wedding day. You can always find a gown that suits your unique physique. You may choose to don a dress with an empire waist to create a slimmer silhouette. However, make sure that the A-line skirt flows smoothly and reaches the floor. It should start right under the bust line and that the fabric should not have folds so as not to resemble a maternity dress.

5. Go for a gown that will give you the curves if you think you have a straight body type. Try looking for a ruffled top in order to create more volume. Ball gowns will also suit you since it will highlight your thin waist and the slenderness of your physique.

6. If you are small-chested, search for a dress with a decorated bodice. The details will give you the illusion of having curves. Moreover, remember that undergarments will also enhance your figure. Try looking for a push-up bra or a silicone bra to complement your wedding gown.

7. Tall women look good with gowns that emphasize their height. Choose a dress with many decorations and details such as ruffles and laces since these things will help you enhance your physique.

8. Petite ladies should look for a dress with a higher waistline to make them appear taller. Altered A-line dresses, trumpet skirts, or sheath gowns will look perfect on them.

Knowing your body type can lessen the time that you’ll spend looking for your ideal gown. Before finally purchasing the dress, make sure that you already have an actual photo of you wearing the dress — consider it as a dress rehearsal of sorts — so you are assured that you will look fabulous on your special day.

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