The Perfect Dress

The Perfect Dress

The beauty of a woman may not be defined by the dress she wears but her confidence may greatly depend on it.

Choosing the perfect gown for your wedding may be one of the most exciting parts in the planning process of your big day. It is where you are given the liberty to finally bring to life the gown of your fantasies ever since you were a kid.

Every detail is important since you will only wear this once (hopefully) in your life. How you feel about your wedding dress can make or break your confidence. This is one of the primary reasons why you should consider the following factors when you are ready to buy a wedding dress.

1. The theme of the wedding. Of course, dressing up in the proper attire is always necessary in every occasion. Always consider the theme of your wedding when choosing your gown. If you are going for a garden wedding, a simple ballerina-length style will be the most appropriate for you. If you decided to have a formal affair, dressing yourself in a full-length gown is the best option.

2. The budget. Having your ideal gown should not cost you an arm and leg. Setting a budget and sticking to it may help you in saving for the future. Surely, you do not want to spend all your money on your wedding dress, do you?

3. The gown color, fabric, and style. Every girl follows her own fashion manual and the style of the wedding dress is not an exemption. There is a wide selection of gowns currently available in the market and the bride is given the freedom to choose among them. Strapless corsets, trumpet skirts, and A-line gowns are just some if the styles that could match her fashion taste.

When it comes to selecting the color, ivory, gold, classic white, black, and ecru are some of the most common and popular choices.

Different fabrics also reflect the personality of the bride. If she wants to go for a more refined look, a silk chiffon dress is perfect for her.

4. The right size. One of the most important factors to consider is your measurements. It is necessary that a professional designer or an experienced dressmaker will be the one to get your measurements. This is to ensure that you will get exactly what you need. The sleeves, bust, hips, waist-to-floor, and waist are some of the most vital measurements to be taken into account.

5. The vintage feels. The elegance and the charm of vintage dresses never get old. Most brides nowadays are into modern designs but an old-fashioned style is always the best choice for those who want to save some money without compromising on quality. Many of the classic wedding gowns are intricately decorated and hand-sewn. Common materials used in constructing these dresses are vintage lace, georgette, and shantung silk.

Noting these basic elements when you are choosing your wedding gown may be of big help especially when you are on a budget. Always remember that looking good does not always mean that you need to be wearing the most expensive dress.

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